Lewts, GH/KAS and My graffiti hat.com working togther.


Lewts , GH/ Kas crew working with my graffiti hat. com
“If you don’t know…Now you know.” Series .vol 1

Y NOT , Rock steady crew

Y Not. Rock steady crew.

“If you don’t know…Now you know.”

Y not is part of legendary crew Rock steady. Travels the world dancing and most recently painting as well. He’s known for his incredible top rocks,go down  and musicality. I ve taken his workshops and  learned so much on the one workshop. Not just top rock steps, but history of the dance, to how how moves came to be and so much more.  Y Not and Mr. Wiggles have been touring the world with their TOP ROCK CITY tour. { http://www.toprockcity.net/TOP_ROCK_CITY.html }

Please check his site out.


Y not repping My graffiti hat.

Y not repping My graffiti hat.