Canvas’s I would love to own.

Mirko Reisser (DAIM) | "DAIM - pink nature" | Spraypaint on canvas | 110 x 190 x 2 cm | 2013 DAIM - cold explosion "DAIM - wave" SONY DSC http://www.thekidbelo.coma61a4e18fb777c3fda6fd092e35ec95d[1] imagesQK2MPKBT http://www.dare.chTAKIUntitled9SHAD_1024x1024[1] MG_9944-630x419[1]Atom-one imagesX3OQ2TBGMona Lisa

These are just a few graffiti canvas’s I would love to own. Most of them graffiti writers I’ve looked up too, some of them because they are a part of history. The Mona Lisa just because it’s worth a lot of money…

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